Project Evolution

How has this proposal evolved?

In 2016, the Derrykillew Community Wind Farm was granted planning permission for the development of 5 turbines in the Derrykillew area. This milestone was the culmination of many years of work, collaboration and cooperation between a local group of farmers and business people. The area being considered for the Derrykillew Wind Farm Extension is in an area of forestry located adjacent to the permitted development. Statkraft and Coillte have worked together to establish Behy Renewable Energy Ltd. which is bringing this proposal forward. The Derrykillew Wind Farm Extension presents an opportunity to bring forward a wind energy project that would complement the Derrykillew Community Wind Farm. Over the past number of months, feedback has been sought from those living in the local area.


Derrykillew Renewable Wind Energy

The Derrykillew Community Wind Farm.

  • An initiative being developed by a group of local landowners and business people
  • Planning permission granted for 5 turbines
  • The potential for this Community Wind Farm to bring forward 1 additional turbine


The Derrykillew Wind Farm Extension

  • Initial layout consisted of 8 turbines
  • As a result of consultation, feedback, surveys and technical appraisals, 1 turbine was dropped from the proposed layout
  • Setback was increased to over 600m

The Derrykillew Wind Farm Extension now consists of 7 proposed turbines.


Synergies between these projects:
With these projects being brought forward together there are opportunities to streamline development. A shared grid connection would minimise cabling works on public roads and the coordination of works programmes would ensure that works are carried out in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The more feedback that you provide to us, the more potential this proposal has to be of benefit to you!